About Us

Since its foundation, Pipe Dog Shop has firmly engaged to provide finest quality pipes to international pipe smokers who highly look forward to a fabulous smoking journey. The widest possible selection of pipes isready to be served, and our in-stock pipes are rapidly updating every week. On behalf of those talented pipe makers from different countries, we’re glad to grow their elegant works internationally by introducing them to a brand new market.

We’re based in Hong Kong, a diverse metropolis naturally connecting the rest parts of the world, and we set up our lively branch in Bei Jing recently so as to facilitate mainland clients of their purchases. Professionally and heartily, Pipe Dog Shop is fully prepared to back up your pipe dreams.

Thanks for visiting our website and we do appreciate it that you could favorably keep your eyes on our weekly updating collections.

Feel free to contact us via any contact in any case, and it’s our honor to serve you professionally since now on.